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Welcome to this gateway to livestock books, papers and journals, including Wool Technology and Sheep Breeding, the International Journal of Sheep and Wool Science, and livestock books such as Beef Cattle: Production and Trade and the International Sheep and Wool Handbook. You can also find papers written by Dr. David Cottle here.

The journals were published from UNSW, WRONZ and then UNE before they were terminated in 2010. You can find the final paper by Dr. John Kennedy here. John sadly passed away on June 7, 2014. UNSW wool graduates who wish to be included on an e-list for annual wool dinners should contact Max.

Please use the search function on this page to search across both journals. To browse a specific journal, access the archives by following the links below. The steps to download a paper are: 1) Register by creating a (free) username and password on the top right hand side of page, 2) find the required paper by using the JOURNAL CONTENT search function (by author, title, abstract, index or full text), 3) click on the desired paper and the paypal payment system will activate, and 4) follow the instructions provided for downloading the pdf. Steps 1 and 2 can be done in reverse order.

Student, Library and Index Agency subscriptions are available for each journal or a combined subscription. Information is given under the About tab for each journal. Step 1: Log in as a user and go to User Home, My Account, Manage my subscriptions; Step 2: click on the student or library or agency subscription request (this is emailed to the Archive Manager), Step 3: after payment of the subscription fee via paypal, student access will be available via your University/college email address, or for members of libraries or indexing agencies access is via the library or agency's IP address range (IP ranges preferred to domain name).

The Animal Production Science journal now publishes sheep and wool papers.

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Wool Technology and Sheep Breeding

Articles published from 1954 through to 2004.

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International Journal of Sheep and Wool Science

Articles published from 2005 through to 2009.

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