Vol 50, No 3 (2002)

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Special issue: Inaugural sheep and wool industry conference proceedings - Forward. PDF
F Brien
The wool industry: Recent history and future prospects. PDF
J O\'Connor
Livestock scheduler: A spreadsheet program to forecast sheep and cattle numbers, production, and financial returns from grazing enterprises. PDF
FD Brien, LM Beattie
Introducing position statement (c). PDF
DJ Counsell
Review of the sale performance of individual wool clips against regional Australian wool exchange micron price guides. PDF
DJ Counsell
Technology adoption and total factor productivity: Victorian wool producers 1999/2000. PDF
C Duke, P Hanrahan, T O\'Neill
Wool quality variation in South West Victoria. PDF
CM Gloag, R Behrendt, MB Ferguson
Is Merino wool disappearing in Portugal: The Merino Beira Baixa case. PDF
JV Rodrigues, LP de Andrade, J Serrano
Farm profitability and participation in the Grassland\'s Productivity Program. PDF
J Trompf
Extension in the wool industry: Fresh approaches to industry challenges. PDF
G Roberts
The BESTWOOL 2010 project. PDF
W Crozier
The impact of BESTWOOL 2010 on group contacts. PDF
H Frame
Linking Australian woolgrowers with research: The South Roxby Project. PDF
J Larsen, A Vizard, D Counsell
Producer-based monitoring of native grass pastures in Tasmania. PDF
K Mokany, DA Friend
Understanding diversity in farming behaviour using \'farming styles\'. PDF
D Thomson
Facilitated recruitment increases participation in the paired-paddock program. PDF
J Thomson
\'The kids don\'t want to take over the farm\' : What\'s happening to the demographics of Victoria\'s wool industry? PDF
R Wilkinson, N Barr, K Karunaratne
Let\'s bring fashion back into fashion. PDF
K Webster
The brave new world of wearable intelligence. PDF
B Holcombe, G Wallace
Is Merino wool a luxury precious fibre? PDF
BA McGregor
We dream of green sheep. PDF
S Thomas
Sustainable solutions PDF
A Van Kopplen
Fleece, fibreglass, myths and legends: Leveraging cultural icons and connections for market development. PDF
L Vaughan
Breeding wool sheep for the 21st century. PDF
ME Goddard
Genetic trends are an important tool for tracking genetic progress in worm resistance and other traits under selection. PDF
AM Bell, SJ Eady, AA Swan
Incorporating subjectively assessed sheep and wool traits into genetic evaluations for Merino sheep. 1: Phenotypic variation and heritabilities. PDF
DJ Brown, A Ball, R Mortimer
Incorporating subjectively assessed sheep and wool traits into genetic evaluations for Merino sheep. 2: Phenotypic and genetic correlations. PDF
DJ Brown, A Ball, R Mortimer
A statistical approach for evaluating micron blowout, with Australian alpacas as an example. PDF
KJ Butler, BA McGregor
Integrated development to achieve continuous genetic improvement. \'Cooperation not control\'. PDF
AE Casey
Genetic and environmental variances in lamb production traits of Merino ewes in a Mediterranean environment. PDF
SWP Cloete, JC Greeff, RP Lewer
A review of markers for wool and sheep carcase quality traits. PDF
DJ Cottle, WG Bryson, GD Aitken
Pigmentation prevention in sheep, complex or simple? PDF
MR Fleet
Improving profitability of Merino properties through the rational use of artificial insemination and objective measurement in sheep selection. PDF
L Hygate
Implications of customer perceptions and decision-making for genetic gain in the wool industry. PDF
G Kaine, J Court, E Niall
Demonstration of variation in Merino sire and Merino bloodline performance using on-farm progeny testing. PDF
T Pollard, M Ferguson, K Konstantinov
Merino selection demonstration flocks project update and results from the 2000 drop. PDF
AMM Ramsay, RW Ponzoni, KS Jaensch
You can breed for easy-care woollen garments. PDF
AC Schlink, JC Greeff, M Haigh
Grazing methods, productivity and sustainability for sheep and beef pastures in temperate Australia. PDF
GR Saul, DF Chapman
Effects of grazing system and phosphorus application on pasture quality. PDF
H Frame, L Warn, G McLarty
Management of intake in winter to control micron blowout and improve staple strength. PDF
G Mata, P Schroder, DG Masters
Sheep production-system effects on botanical composition and growth of perennial pasture. PDF
PE Quigley, JZ Ford
Testing grazing management recommendations: when is \'Best practice\' best? PDF
L Salmon, M Palmer, AD Moore
Potential carrying capacity of grazed pastures in southern Australia. PDF
GR Saul, GA Kearney
Potential economic benefits from improving ewe nutation to optimise lifetime wool production and quality of South West Victoria. PDF
AN Thompson, JM Youmg
Effects of grazing method and soil fertility on stocking rate and wool production PDF
L Warn, HR Frame
An integrated system of genetic evaluation and improvement tools for Australian sheep breeders. PDF
R Banks

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