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Cashmere Fibre Diameter and Curvature: Effect of Animal Age and Breedline

Hilary Redden, D Robson, S Rhind


Effects of selection for increased mean cashmere fleece value (V) or reduced mean cashmere diameter (F) were assessed in Scottish cashmere goats and compared with a randomly bred line (C). Cashmere samples were collected from, and live weights recorded for, animals of two cohorts (n = 10 per breedline / cohort) at 5, 17 and 29 months (Cohort 1) or 5, 17 and 21 months (Cohort 2) of age. For each cashmere sample, mean cashmere fibre diameter (MFD) and associated CV(%), mean cashmere curvature (deg/mm, MCC) and curvature s.d. (CSD) was calculated. In both cohorts animal weight increased with animal age (P>0.01). In animals of Cohort 1, overall MFD increased from 5 to 29 months of age (15.2 to 16.5 µm; P

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