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Building Towards an Expert System to Predict Greasy Wool to Top Characteristics

Nomusa Dlodlo, Cyprian Cele


\"This paper develops the concepts towards the development of a rule-based expert system to establish the linkage between greasy wool characteristics and top properties and cover the prediction of top characteristics from greasy wool characteristics. An expert system can only perform as much as what knowledge the experts have come up with. Currently there are gaps in research that render it difficult to develop an expert system to perform all the functionalities related to the prediction of greasy wool to top characteristics, which is why this research looks at it from a conceptual level.

This paper says that the total functionality of the greasy wool to top characteristics expert system is obtained by bringing together the functionalities of various sub-expert systems to produce the whole. The various sub-expert systems that have been identified include those that predict yield, colour, style and noil levels, and optimum scouring, carding and combing parameters for a quality wool top. An example to show the structure of an expert system drawn from the identified expert systems is based on the TEAM formulae for prediction of top characteristics.\"

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