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Considerations on the Occurrence of Loricrin and Involucrin in the Cell Envelope of Wool Cuticle Cells

O\'Donnell Zahn, F.-J. Wortmann, H. Hoecker


Evidence is presented that suggests, that the second frequent protein in the cuticular cell envelope (CE) and thus the main component of the Allwoerden membrane, is the cornified envelope precursor protein loricrin. A further major component is involucrin. This result is obtained by comparison of amino acid data of the Allwoerden membrane (Allen et al. 1985) with those of epidermal cell envelope precursor proteins. A quantitative estimation of the loricrin and involucrin content was obtained by protein composition modelling applying multiple linear regression. This result is meant to encourage in-depth experimental investigations on the composition of those morphological components of keratin fibres which contain isodipeptide bonds as a marker for the presence of CE proteins.

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